Who Am I?

So a little bit about me, I’m old! Ok I’m not like super old, but I’m nearing that half a century mark. Yikes.

I have an amazing career in Emergency Medical Service. Right now I’m a flight paramedic flying our beautiful skies coming and going with one precious soul after the next.

January 2019 I started massage school, while contemplating pushing that 50 mark, and how I wanted to live the second part of my existence. While I still have the calling to help people, I decided I really wanted to de-stress my life and have more family time. So, massage therapy seemed like the perfect career change. I started reading about meditation and how to be more open and spiritual, that’s when I found the philosophy of yoga. I have done yoga as exercise before, but never did I study the actual philosophy of yoga. I fell in love. It’s beautiful, thought provoking, hard, makes you really look inward and take stoke of who you are and want to really be. Now I’m finishing my yoga teacher training to instruct yoga. It’s crazy how life changes so quickly.

Hope you guys come back soon to read my thoughts, words of encouragement, and whatever else I might be talking about!


Published by Namaste Medic

Seeker of joy and adventure!

4 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Super proud of you ! You have been through a lot in life and have so many success stories and information that can help people. Not to mention a heart of gold! Keep on keeping on Mama!

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