Final Yoga Project!

So last night I did my final project for yoga teacher training. I sequenced out a New Moon themed gentle yoga flow. We had some hip openers for feminity, some balance, lower back, and heart openers!

The theme of a New Moon is a wonderful time for self-reflection, relaxation, and enlightenment. It’s the perfect time to set new intentions, new goals, and prepare for new beginnings. During this lunar phase, take time for yourself and reconnect with your yoga practice and your deepest desires. Consciously bring your awareness inward and honor the changes occurring in your life.

So I had us all set an intention to think about and work on for the next 30 days of the lunar cycle. Here is how we did it through meditation, each person did this silently.

Set an Intention

Take a few breaths to set an intention for your practice. This can be a single word, a mantra, or perhaps sending the energy of your practice out to someone else. The purpose of this intention is to maintain focus throughout the flow, coming back to this intention as many times as needed during your practice.

I started my intention setting with an affirmation “I am body, breath, and wonderful exactly the way that I am” I then set my main intention on improving my personal yoga practice as well as my future professional yoga practice.

Each student was given around 5 minutes to set their intention. I asked that during the yoga flow they mentally would come back to their intention for a moment.

The energy from this flow was so beautiful, I’m positive the seeds I have planted for the next 30 days will be lovingly cultivated.

Now, I just have to turn in all my required work and I will be a certified yoga instructor. I appreciate everyone’s help during my journey. Photo creds to Angelina for letting #RatSkeleton attend and help us with downward dog, rat style!

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