So everyone tells me how hard it is for them to meditate. They say they just can’t quiet the mind or be still. Well that’s ok. Meditation is something that takes practice, you don’t just jump into being all zen and sitting in lotus position for hours on end just having a blank brain!

Just start with 2 minutes! Let your mind wander, let any thoughts that come to stay. Ponder on why that particular thought came to you. Maybe there is a reason it popped into your mind.

Increase your minutes every other day or less. Try using a guided meditation, start out with one of the 3 minute guided meditations on YouTube.

Meditation is truly a huge benefit, it allows you to reflect, become introspective and really get to the core of who you really are.

Now stop reading this and go try a quick guided mediation!

Published by Namaste Medic

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2 thoughts on “Meditation!

  1. I love the fact that you told people to stop reading your blog. LOL Love this site! You’re doing a great job! Let me know when your formal classes start and when you think you’ll have a set schedule. I’m really going to try to attend a few…I hope.


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