Next Level!

So I turned in my final project to my Yoga teacher. It all seems surreal I’m a yoga instructor! I am so ready to start creating sequences for people, and opening their hearts and minds to yoga beyond the physical aspect of it.

Long ago in another life, I had a few dreams. Those dreams involved meditation, yoga, holistic living and just inner peace. I was a whole different person just a few short 12 years ago.

I am getting back to the person I was supposed to be all along. In life it’s easy to get derailed from living your passion or your dreams. Sometimes thinking we have to keep up with the Jones’s or other family members has us make choices we otherwise wouldn’t make for ourselves.

The yoga philosophy during my teacher training brought back the memories of who I was and what I wanted. Embarking upon the future from a forgotten past is the most uplifting feeling I have had in many years. I look forward to sharing the new, old me with many friends past, present and future.


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