Today it’s Tapas

Tapas is about finding your willpower and refraining from doing desires that does not benefit you, but on the flip side it’s doing the things you don’t desire to benefit you. There will be times in our lives when our desires contradict our benefits or journey. During these times, an internal fire is built to burn our mental and physical impurities. This fire creates a disciplined passion that pushes us towards our personal greatness.

So tapas is about discipline, finding the willpower to do what you said you were going to do. So you tell your friend you will go watch a movie with them. You had a hard day at work, the movie starts in a couple of hours all you really want to do is be a broccoli at home. But you gather up the willpower to go see the movie with your friend, who had been looking forward to seeing you all week.

This carries over to your work, say you have to write a paper for work, it’s long and you want to go have fun. But you write your paper and get a promotion. So had you given in to your desire to go have fun, you probably wouldn’t hand gotten that promotion that you had been trying to get.

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