Our Niyama today is svadhyaya. It’s about self study. We must study ourselves deeply, know our inward and outward desires, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s about figuring out which desire we should silence and which we should build on. It’s about learning what is standing between you and total contentment. It’s about learning everything about yourself so you can connect to something higher than yourself.

The more we realize who we are not, the more we know who we are. The ego will betray us and cause us to take actions and speak words that do not reflect who we really are. There is a part of the self that has a primary goal of survival. This side of the self goes for what it desires in every circumstance, at all costs. There is another part of the self that feeds into judgments and criticisms and constantly causes us to second guess ourselves and undermine what we already know to be true. As we study ourselves and learn more about ourselves, we learn what we need individually to become closer to unity with the universe.

When we are performing our home practice, it is the perfect time for self study. We have no distractions, it’s just us and our mat. As we work through our meditation or asanas we are able to revel things about ourselves we might not have thought about before.

I hope everyone goes to their mats today and discovers something new about themselves they already didn’t know. I look forward to y’all sharing if you want to.


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