Second Aspect Karuna

The second aspect is karuna, which means compassion. Once again, it isn’t just wanting to ease the suffering of another person but being able to actually make that happen. The idea is that you can’t make that happen unless you look deeply into that person, spending time and meditating to gain an understanding so that you become able to stop their suffering.

When we speak of compassion it implies that we see someone suffering and we are unable to help them. With compassion you are only able to sit by their side through com-bined passion to feel their suffering with them. Karuna is (like the other aspects) focused around establishing that connection and understanding, but also finding the capacity to transform the pain within your loved one.

Listen closely.
To treat someone’s emotional suffering all you need to do is to actively listen, engage in the dialogue by echoing their words and to give them space to continue to express themselves. Ultimately anyone in suffering is not always going to be looking for an answer. They are looking for someone to just listen to them in order to build that bridge of understanding. Without the ability to understand and the capacity to help transform pain you are only bringing more despair and suffering.

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