I Did It, I Became A Wellness Coach!

I have to say, becoming a wellness coach has been one of the most rewarding opportunities that have happened in my life, whereas before I was in the urgent prehospital medical field, I now get to help people before they become emergent.

I can help with weight loss, nutrition, stress management, and changing habits to fit a healthy lifestyle. I love seeing people reach their goals, and then make new goals to set.

I myself am also slowly doing tiny habits to change lifestyle habits that I have acquired over the years that are not the best habits in the world. So even as I’m helping myself I get to help other people.

I think my favorite part is when I see a clients eyes light up when they have accomplished what they set out to do. The hardest part is when they don’t need me anymore, because they have been taught the tools to build themselves up without me, but it also makes me super proud.

Published by Namaste Medic

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