I Did It, I Became A Wellness Coach!

I have to say, becoming a wellness coach has been one of the most rewarding opportunities that have happened in my life, whereas before I was in the urgent prehospital medical field, I now get to help people before they become emergent. I can help with weight loss, nutrition, stress management, and changing habits toContinue reading “I Did It, I Became A Wellness Coach!”

4 Yoga Poses To Help Beat Your Sneaky Leak.

Whether we complain to our girlfriends or suffer in silence, about 1 in 4 of us has experienced that embarrassing Um, did I just…? moment while coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising. The main culprit: a weak pelvic floor—something a little yoga could help fix, according to new research. Women who participated in a yoga-therapy programContinue reading “4 Yoga Poses To Help Beat Your Sneaky Leak.”

Catching Up!

Well, so much has happened since I last got to blog. I started my 300 hour teacher training. We became LMT’s! AND we became business owners! How exciting is that, or frightful? We opened our own massage establishment and it has a perfect place for yoga! We have been so busy trying to get ourContinue reading “Catching Up!”


The wife and I passed our Massage Exam on Friday May 1st. Not only was it my grandsons 2nd birthday, but is was May Day! We filled out our application for our license, sent in everything that was required, and now we wait! We are so happy to almost be Licensed Massage Therapists. I feelContinue reading “MBLEX PASSED”

Oh Sunday Sunday!

I talked about trying to relax yesterday, for people like me it’s especially difficult. We were told “early bird catches the worm” “a rolling rock gathers no moss” and my all time favorite lol “if you have time to lean, you have time to clean”. Now we know, most of us who can’t “chill out”Continue reading “Oh Sunday Sunday!”