So I finally made it, finished my 500 hr ytt!

RYY 500
RYT 500

I have been teaching private sessions, group sessions, and online sessions. I’m loving it.

Will be starting to branch out soon. Start teaching Pranayama, Mantras, and Mudras.

I’m learning how to make Mala Beads, which help with focus.

Designed my first mini retreat this past year. Totally didn’t go as planned, but it was amazing

The next endeavor will be workshops. Give me some time.

So what brought me to Yoga, was the pain. The physical pain I felt from the strain of being in a contracted stated so often. The other was the mental pain.

You see the title of my page. Some images just never go away, I love being a paramedic, I love flying, and I love my community. But I needed an outlet. Yoga saved my soul!

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