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I started this page a couple of years ago. I had been doing yoga 🧘‍♀️ on my own for awhile. Looking for my inner zen.

Then my wife and I started massage school, we are both in the prehospital world. Still are as a matter of fact.

This is us on our first day of massage school!

So while I was doing that I became a 200hr yoga instructor. Fell even more in love with Yoga!

Seva Project to finish my 300 YTT this year!

While attending Massage School, my mother suddenly died in February, this will be our 3rd year without her. I wasn’t sure if I could continue, or go on. The pain is unimaginable and massage school seemed so insignificant at that time.

I have a job already where death seems normal, Mom was sure proud of us. So I knew I couldn’t quit. She always supported everything I wanted to try or do.

Even when I was old enough to know better! Drove 2.5 hours to watch me play roller derby!

Well we ended up graduating massage school, before covid almost shut us out. We got our official licenses in May of 2020.

I loved being the first lol!

Well as soon as we were able, we started our Mobile Massage business. No overhead so that’s groovy.

So many people are not able to leave their homes, and massage for chronic pain is a godsend to some, but we had visions and goals lol. So we do both!

Mobile and Studio!

One of our studio rooms!

We have had so any wonderful clients. I then finally finished my 300 hr ytt, which means I’m RYT 500 hr.

I’m blessed I get to teach yoga, the whole philosophy has instilled a sense of calm into my soul. Learning the 8 limbs of Yoga and really applying is not an easy task.

Time lapse fun.

I’m learning how to make workshops, retreats, and a Zoom teaching platform. It’s all very exciting.

You will have to check out the other pages for the low down on them.

Our main part of the business is the Massage part. I love yoga so much I had to add it to our repertoire. I may not make a ton of money but it’s something I love.

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