4th Aim Moksha

Moksha is freedom. It is about becoming self liberated, and is considered to be the peak of the four purusharthas. This is not just freedom from suffering, but also freedom to be yourself. Typically, when the other 3 aims of life are in balance, moksha comes naturally. Feeling peace in the middle of any storm, calmness in chaos and total relief from suffering is moksha.

The concept of moksha is closely tied to self-acceptance and the consciousness of oneness with all existence. Once a person reaches this state, he/she has found freedom, peace and bliss. The Eight Limbs of Yoga outlined by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras can be interpreted as the steps on the path to attaining moksha.

Can you imagine the feeling of being totally free? Would love to hear some others thoughts on this one.

This is it for the 4 Aims. I hope you enjoyed the info.


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