Last 2 Yamas.

The last 2 yamas means non wasting and no possessiveness. So Yama 4!

The next yama is brahmacharya, one of the most difficult for Westerners to understand. The classical translation is “celibacy,” but Brahma is the name of a deity, char means “to walk,” and ya means “actively,” so brahmacharya means “walking with God.” Brahmacharya does not just mean giving up sex; it also means to transmute the energy of sex into something else, principally, devotion to God.

Another approach is to use sexual energy, like all life energies, in accord with the practice of ahimsa. This means that we respect ourselves and our partner when we are in a sexual relationship and do not use others or have sex mindlessly. Remembering the divinity of self and other, we can allow sexuality to be part of the wider practice of yoga. So use your energy well! Don’t waste it in ways that are not beneficial or ways that may hurt others.

Number 5 non possessiveness Aparigrapha this means without greed. Trying to practice nongreed is hard. As humans we love our things. And that’s the issue the love of the material object.

But it doesn’t stop at material objects, We may hunger after enlightenment, difficult asanas, spiritual powers, or perfect bliss. One way to sidestep the trap of greed is to follow the advice of the sages: Be happy with what you have.

If we try this by choosing one yama to focus on for a length of time. Then reflect upon how this practice has affected your life. Don’t worry if you forget to practice your yama, or even if you can’t follow through in each situation. Your effort and awareness will be the victory.

These are our Yamas, they represent our ethics and the world outside of us. Pick one and focus on it for a week. Really think about how that Yama pertains to you.

We will start the Niyamas tomorrow!


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